Publication date: September 27, 2021

After his wife walks out on him for another man, leaving him devastated, Cliff Phillips retreats to a cabin deep in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. First soothed by the natural unspoiled beauty of his surroundings, then disturbed by the eerie desolation and marshy decay, he soon finds himself facing something he never could have imagined.

Restoration by Sharon Mikeworth is a deliciously horrifying thriller. You’ll sleep with one eye open long after you finish the book!
When Cliff Phillips’s wife Tricia leaves him for another man, he not only loses her but also his job in her father’s company. He takes the last of the money she left him and rents a lake front cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains for a month. Cliff needs time to rethink his life, and decide what his next steps will be. A fairly isolated area at this time of the season, only a few locals and a couple of vacationers remain. This should provide him with plenty of time to relax and reflect. It should, but it doesn’t. Shortly after arriving, Cliff notices that there is something wrong with the lake. He sees lights and odd movements coming from the depths. One lodger flees because he saw a strange creature trying to get inside his cabin. Then people start disappearing. The first is a neighbor’s overnight guest. Next is someone very close to him for whom he is suspected of doing something horrific. Cliff makes some shocking, out of this world discoveries as he desperately tries to solve the mystery of the lake and prove his innocence.
Restoration is a horrifying thriller that will take you for a ride. I could not put this book down! Initially, I got hooked on the   protagonist’s story because he had really been devastated by his wife’s total betrayal. Then I found myself getting caught up in the mystery of trying to figure out what was going on. Just when I thought I had the answer, Mikeworth threw in a twist that completely caught me off guard.
The author’s ideas are uniquely refreshing, and I really enjoyed being surprised. While I appreciated that the hero has depth in his character, I also enjoyed meeting the local eccentrics. The settings and the scenes are vividly described, so the story really came to life in my already overactive imagination. I look forward to reading more books by this amazing author. I highly recommend that fans of horror and thriller check this book out!" -- Paige Lovitt for Reader Views

Print version coming soon.

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