Progress Meters 

The Hum 


Strange Days

Chestnut Circle

Twisted Fates 

Strange Days

The start of Skye Cassidy's adult life is also the beginning of the world ending as she knows it when a deadly flu-like illness sweeps across the country, decimating the population. She is determined to live, but will she survive with her sanity intact? 

The Hum

When Lee Bennett first notices the distant droning noise, he attributes it to jet engines over at the nearby airpark. Then he and his wife move forty-five miles away to an old farmhouse out in the country.

And he can still hear it.

Rose Wood

In 1919, fourteen-year-old Emma
Gage disappeared from her home at
Rose Wood Plantation ... never to be
seen again.

Until now.

A Patch Of Blue

What would you do if you caught

your husband of sixteen years being unfaithful?